RUN 21 KM + 10.5 KM

This event is now open up to people who want to experience one of the very best run courses in New Zealand - the run course of the Rotorua. Suffer. The course is virtually all off-road - and can best be described as “honest”.

The course starts at Tikitapu – The Blue Lake at the very convenient time of 9 AM.

The run goes in a clockwise direction around Tikitapu and at the top of the lake is the lookout. While other races would most probably bypass this tiny detour, we don't. You see, the lookout symbolises everything about this fantastic event. It's hard and it hurts. And you don't run over it once, you must run over it twice. The Grim Reaper guarded the entry to it in 2014.

The course continues clockwise around the lake then drops down to the Green Lake where a famous dogleg to a purple bunny rabbit await (true story).

The 10.5 km section turns halfway along the Green Lake Road.

After returning back,  a mongrel hill with your name awaits before completing one more circumnavigation of Tikitapu (21KM only) - where a cold beer, a fantastic long-sleeve SUFFER finisher shirt and medal await.

You won’t be alone - you will be joined by the very best triathletes in New Zealand that started their Half Ironman just after sunrise.

Come along and be part was a genuine “old school” event.

Prize-giving is at 11 AM for the fast and furious.

Rotorua Half 17.12.2016 138.jpg