Here's a club you can never make. This page recognises "The Survivors". To get into this club you have to have finished all 19 Hooksie Half's. The first 7 in Taupo then rest here in Rotorua.

These men have finished all 20 events. In doing so they have achieved a status most of us can merely aspire to. Plus like an exclusive air miles club, their status grants them special privileges: 

The real story is Hooksie got p!ssed after the 5th event in Taupo (Terenzo's Heineken year). Said so long as you stay in the club, you race for free. And the buggers kept coming back.

Survivors do not pay entry fees.  Survivors do not have an event cut off time. All they have to do is finish the course. Number 1 is the oldest survivor and so on. We lost Matt Fatso Williams 15 years in. Bye bye Fatso. It's been great.

In the photo below is Crawford on the right - he's race number 01. He's the Daddy, took over from Richie Boy Neil. We had a Mummy for heaps of years. Shirl from the South Island. All want to get to 1.  There have only been 3 "Numbers 1's, Shirl ,Richie and Crawford.

We are down to 5 survivors plus two new inductees from the Rotorua years. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are your survivors for 2019:

01 Survivor Crawford (Above right). He lives in Perth and comes over every year and every year, the rest of the survivors pray for a plane strike. 02 Survivor Lyksie (Above left). He tests the very limits of daylight every year (although 2014 was a ripper!). That's Pussy Parker propping them up in the middle. He dropped out after 14 races cause he had a broken paw. He’s at 19out of 20 now.


03 Survivor Doughty supported every year by the most supportive wife in all triathlon - Michelle and 2018 FINISHER!.


04 Survivor Phillips - The Ghost. Now you see him. Now you don’t.

05 Survivor Baby Sharples. Had to race year 20 with a broken rib. If you have made an after after party. You would know Baby. Yet to be kicked out of the Pig and Whistle but if there's mischief to be had - he WILL BE in the thick of it.



06 Jim "4th LEG" Goodwin (left) being helped into his suit by Pussy Parker. Reigning Vet 4th Leg Champion.

Dazza Bloomfield - DID 11 STRAIGHT ROTORUA’S THEN GOT PUNTED FROM SURVIVORS. From Wellington and needs no introduction.

07 Blair (Tuppy) Tupp. The baby of the babies. I recon he's unbreakable.