Here's how our transition works.

First up, everyone and I mean everyone is welcome in transition prerace. Mum, dad, the kids - everyone. Here's why. They deserve to be here - they have put up with you for the last few months, they deserve to be here for those last few moments before you get down to the water.  

You will notice that we have a blue rope to mark out the transition. This blue rope is symbolic of the whole race. You don't need 2m high razor wire fencing to "guard" transition. This is a genuinely friendly, old school race, not Stalag 13. Do you want to bring a bin with you into transition? Go for it. An armchair? Whatever floats your boat.

Is there a poncy separate area for professionals? Na. Not at this race. Not ever. They rack right next to you. As to where to rack, its first-in first served.

Transition opens at 5 a.m. and note, it doesn't actually get light until about 5:30 a.m.